About Chris Henderson Electrical


The key thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our Personality.
Our people are our key success factor and we go to great lengths to recognize that.
The benefit of making our people our first priority is that our customers have access to committed specialist resources who want to succeed. This results in building stronger relationships with our clients.

  • We look after our people and are committed to develop and recognize them
  • Our open communication allows employees, suppliers and customers to manage consistent information
  • Our direct, honest and responsive dealings with customers result in long term collaborative relationships
  • We balance flexibility and problem solving with proven and smart processes
  • Our products and services must continue to lead the market in the provision of the best solutions for our customers
  • Our stakeholders benefit from our strategy, personality and dedicated people


By integrating technology, savvy people, smart yet simple process and leading technology we provide improved service levels, lower life cycle costs and hence deliver superior customer outcomes.

  • We identify and own delivery risk
  • Issues are resolved through a single point of contact
  • Multi skilled field technicians who are able to be hands on as well as manage situations
  • 24/7 customer support

Maintenance Management

We play an integral role in the life cycle of a facility. The evaluation of all facility services complete with a structured maintenance plan maximizes the life of a facility while reducing the cost of operation.
We are thus able to provide performance guarantees that give clients the comfort of being able to budget consistently as well as keeping tenants safe and comfortable.

The following elements are the basis for successful asset life cycle management.

  • Establish – Identify all risks and operating characteristics. This audit determines any lack of compliance issues as well as listing any found defects. This is fundamental to managing risk.
  • Manage – Implement modern technology solutions that meet and exceed agreed performance levels.
    Improve – Better technology upgrades enhance property value as well as improving facility
  • performance and reducing the cost of operation.


Through taking this life cycle management approach building and facility owners can expect:

  • Capital growth of property
  • Attract and maintain long term tenants
  • Reduce cost of operation
  • Regulatory compliance

Securing sustainable income and controlling recurring and capital costs, in line with ownership strategies.